5kg Tpc Boilie Shelf Life

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It has a distinctively sweet old school flavour profile that has stood the test of time for the last decade. It has Tangerine palatant oil, Peach palatant oil and our in house sourced vanilla ice cream powder essence, packed full of Brocacel Yeast and flash dried Tangerine Powder that triggers a strong feeding response in even the most unfavourable conditions. Its light washed out orange colour also means it has the added advantage for visual attraction as well as HNV pulling power for fish to feed on therefore making it a superb all year round bait. 

Incorporated into this mix are a number of ingredients that have not been widely used before in UK bait production. This bait therefore presents fish with a completely different food item to those which they encounter more regularly.

With the inclusion of Coprameal, Vanilla Ice Cream Powder, Milk proteins, Brocacel Yeasts, textured Vegetable Proteins, in house ground down Bird foods, Flashed Dried Tangerine Powders, Betaine, Vitamins, a blend of four different Amino’s and other very digestible ingredients, TPC represents the ideal choice for year-round application where a stronger, sweeter bait with a distinctive aroma is required. 

Works well in combination with our Nut Trix.